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Our Mission

We all know the story about the 3 monkeys, the ones that refuse to See, to Hear and to Talk!! Well, at 3Pandas we chose to do it differently.

We first LOOK. We’ll study your business' strengths and weaknesses and what it has to offer. We will S.W.O.T you out until we understand the company and all its potential.

We will then LISTEN. We’ll listen to what you have to say. What you want, need or simply wish to achieve. We will also listen to what your clients have to say, what THEY want and need from you.

And finally, we will SAY out loud whatever message needs to be said. And to do this we will use the right content, in the right way and on the right channels.

That’s why we chose 3 pandas rather than 3 monkeys, to represent the values and mission of the company. And we chose pandas, simply because they’re extremely curious (like us) and downright cute.

3Pandas Marketing Solutions mission
3Pandas Marketing Solutions mission 2
3Pandas Marketing Solutions mission design element

What We Do


Social media strategists, content writers, designers, web specialists, programmers and techies who specialise in apps, have teamed up with us, putting us in a position to offer any digital assistance needed.


We do not believe in anything which is done in an ad-hoc and unplanned manner. Every action needs to be strategically thought and planned.


Whether we need to plan one-off campaigns, or should we decide to go for a long-term plan, we handle all the research, sourcing, scheduling, media buying and communication.


We work with various designers, each having different strengths and attributes making him or her ideal for different tasks.
We make sure that the right designer is working on the right job!!


We have found a recipe-of-works that helps our clients to have a regular direct contact with us through regular weekly meetings, with chosen team members, at their preferred location. We also take on all communication with media and do all the marketing micro-management, freeing some much-needed time.

Pics & Vids

With a professional videographer and photographer on the team, at 3Pandas we can produce vids and take pics in 4K and even 6K quality, picture perfect photography as well as 4K drone footage and stills.

About 3Pandas Marketing Solutions

Hi There,

I’ve been in the advertising and marketing industry for around 15 years now. I started as an account executive and worked my way up. During my last 4 years in the industry I covered Business Development and Operations roles until I took the plunge and decided that it was time to do my own thing.

So here I am today, offering bespoke marketing consultancy services that are advantageous to companies seeking a holistic yet affordable marketing solution. Since I launched 3Pandas I have been offering marketing consultancy and services through a hands-on, no hidden costs approach.

My strongest USP is the fact that I handle all clients personally creating a fast, easy and secure line of communication. My clients need not micro manage their marketing, design or media management anymore...that's something 3Pandas handle.   

Founder & Director


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Our Packages


Our Services Entry Full Extras
Weekly meetings held at clients’ choice of place 4 hours / week 6 hours / week
Overall marketing management including:
  • Strategy
  • Concept creation
  • Research and Analysis
  • Sourcing and Communication with service providers
  • Single line of communication
  • Implementation and chasing
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Media Management and scheduling
  • Pro-active and re-active consultancy
  • Crisis Management
  • Sales Tools
6 hours / week 12 hours / week
Design services Quote per job 20 hours / month
Social Media design, content writing and overall management Quote per job 2 Posts a week
Video Content Quote per job Stock Video sourcing, Editing of available material and mastering for social media posts (2 Posts a week)
Photography Quote per job 1 x 4hr shoot per month (including editing, colour management and re-touching) (Excluding models and props)

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